The Subaru Outback is stacking up the awards as of late and for good reasons. This vehicle is the perfect blend of an SUV and a sedan. Being an all-purpose automobile isn't easy, but the Outback makes it look easy. Nevada City, CA consumers can expect precise steering, all-around awareness, and superior handling. There are also a number of trims that are on deck, including the Standard, Premium, Limited, Touring, Onyx Edition XT Edition, and more. Auburn consumers can also opt for a turbocharged engine if need be. Let's take a closure look at some of the vehicle's comfort features.

Comfort That Makes A Difference

The Subaru Outback starts off by offering sophisticated styling for the interior as well as refined comfort. It is stated that this model is the most comfortable Outback to date. Consumers can expect somewhat of a high-end interior that's worth the price of admission. Five people can sit with ease, and there are numerous upholstery options that are available. This includes Nappa leather, fine cloth, and synthetic leather. In addition to that, the synthetic leather just so happens to be water-resistant. Your trim choice will be the deciding factor in the specific upholstery available.

This new level of sophistication mirrors a premium look. The vehicle's contrast stitching is the icing on the cake, so to speak. This beautiful stitching snakes its way throughout the cabin. Of course, all-season comfort is a way of life for Subaru and Sacramento drivers alike. Crisp styling and a warm atmosphere are awaiting you, and it doesn't hurt that there are heated/ventilated front seats. On top of that, heated steering is also available. Depending on the trim choice, the rear seats offer heated functionality. Consumers can expect at least 75.7 cubic-feet of cargo space when the rear seats are folded down. There's even an option for a hands-free liftgate.

Test Drive a Subaru Outback Today

The time is now to get you situated behind the wheel of this amazing machine. The Subaru Outback is on a mission to win over novice automobile enthusiasts all throughout Roseville.

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