Drivers from across the Sacramento area love their Subaru sedan or SUV for a number of reasons, like spirited, efficient, and reliable performance that is built to last. But to make sure your Subaru gets to the legendary 200,000-mile mark you will need to stay on top of routine maintenance and that includes regular oil changes.

Changing your oil is one of the easiest services that will keep your Subaru running like new for many miles to come. It is also one of the most important services and more frequently needed services. The old rule of thumb was that you should have your oil changed every 3,000 miles. Today, more efficient engines and better synthetic engines make it so you can go 6-8,000-miles between oil changes. Some Subaru drivers may need to change their oil more often while others can wait longer between services.

Regular oil changes are very important to your Subaru's performance. Clean oil keeps the moving components operating smoothly for reliable performance and will also improve your fuel efficiency. When your oil is dirty road dirt and debris will build up in your engine which will cause friction and make different parts heat up. Over time they will warp and your engine will have to work harder. If the parts continue to warp you run the risk of having your engine seizing and that is a very costly repair.

Auburn drivers can give our service center a call or make an appointment online to get their Subaru in for an oil change. Or if you are short on time swing by our Express Service Lane and we will get you on your way as soon as possible. Also, don't forget to see what parts and service specials we are offering to help our customers save money on their next visit to our service center.

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