Bring in Your Vehicle to Gold Rush Subaru for All Your Servicing Needs


You may be wondering why you would choose to bring your vehicle to be serviced at Gold Rush Subaru instead of your repair shop around the corner. The reality is that if you are looking for exceptional service, we offer an experience that raises the bar for what you've come to expect from getting your vehicle serviced.

Here, at Gold Rush Subaru, we want to prove to you why choosing us is the right choice to give you and your vehicle the ideal service experience.

We have gathered a team of Subaru factory-trained technicians that are experts at servicing your vehicle. This means that our technicians are never going to waste time trying to figure out a certain feature that is unique to Subaru, causing you to wait longer, or possibly damage your vehicle out of a lack of knowledge. Our service team also won't misdiagnosis an issue and ask you to spend money on a repair or part that you don't actually need.

That's why when you bring in your vehicle for oil changes, seasonal service needs, and state inspections, you can expect quick and thorough servicing. When you come to our location, you can get the servicing that you need and get back out on the road without your visit costing you the better part of your day.

If your vehicle needs repairing or a new part, our service center offers a superior experience to what you will find at your typical garage. We have a stocked inventory of genuine Subaru parts to use whenever a certain part or repair is required. If you've ever had to wait for an ordered part to arrive, you know how time-consuming and frustrating it can be, especially if the replacement doesn't fit or is made of inferior materials.

For all your service, repair, and parts needs, Gold Rush Subaru is here to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

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